Ozlem Denizmen
Once you manage your money, you manage your life. Özlem Denizmen

Özlem Denizmen and Financial Wellbeing

Özlem Denizmen, our founder, is a pioneer voluntary ambassador in the financial literacy and economic empowerment of women in Turkey. She led many successful social responsibility and education projects.

Financial Wellbeing Methods

Monay applies financial wellbeing methods founded by Özlem Denizmen.


Everything starts with a goal, we are not on the right path without a goal. What is your goal? We accept our weaknesses are unnecessary and we want to minimize them. Then tell us, what are your weaknesses? You need to set a limit on your weaknesses. But, you can not quit instantly. You need to progress with tiny steps.

Need or Want?

The easiest way to control our weaknesses is to ask “Need or want?” question. You start managing your money towards your goal by asking “Need or want?” with Monay.

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