Ozlem Denizmen
Who manage the money, manage the life. Özlem Denizmen

Özlem Denizmen and Financial Wellbeing

Our founder Özlem Denizmen is a heart ambassador who has pioneered financial literacy and women's economic empowerment in our country through the social responsibility and education projects she leads.

Financial Wellbeing Methods

Monay, which stands out with its 'money saving' aspect, has many different sub-products related to 'money management' beyond being a 'money saving application' with Özlem Denizmen's financial well-being methods.


Everything starts with a goal, without a goal we cannot move forward on the right course. What is your goal? We recognize that our weaknesses are unnecessary and we want to cut them down. So what are your weaknesses? You have to set limits on your weaknesses. You can't cut everything all at once, you have to take small steps without restricting yourself.

Want or Need?

The easiest way to control our weaknesses is to ask the question "Want or need?". With Monay, by asking the question "Want or need?", you start to target your money use.

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