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In Monay World, you achieve financial well-being by making certain behaviors a habit.

Monay answers questions like 'How to Save' or 'How to Manage Money' with Monay Journeys, Monay Money Expert and many new features.

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A first in Turkey with Monay Card!

You are now very close to your goal with Monay Card, which allows you to use your money wisely instead of 'spending' it and earn instantly when shopping!

Are you ready to meet the opportunities and features of Monay Card, Turkey's first financial well-being card that protects your money? Moreover, Monay Card is free of charge!

Discover now!

Discover now!
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Am I using my money right?

Are you asking questions like 'What should the ideal budget look like, how do I start investing, how can I make my spending smarter, how should I talk about money with my family?' Journeys are for you!

The purchasing decisions you make in daily life are emotional. In moments of intense emotion, you are more willing to shop and buy things you don't need. The way you spend money mirrors your life.

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Monay Yolculuklar
Ozlem Denizmen
Who manage the money, manage the life. Özlem Denizmen

Özlem Denizmen and Financial Wellbeing

Our founder Özlem Denizmen is a heart ambassador who has pioneered financial literacy and women's economic empowerment in our country through the social responsibility and education projects she leads.

Financial Wellbeing Methods

Monay, which stands out with its 'money saving' aspect, has many different sub-products related to 'money management' beyond being a 'money saving application' with Özlem Denizmen's financial well-being methods.


Everything starts with a goal, without a goal we cannot move forward on the right course. What is your goal? We recognize that our weaknesses are unnecessary and we want to cut them down. So what are your weaknesses? You have to set limits on your weaknesses. You can't cut everything all at once, you have to take small steps without restricting yourself.

Want or Need?

The easiest way to control our weaknesses is to ask the question "Want or need?". With Monay, by asking the question "Want or need?", you start to target your money use.

Behavior Change and Artificial Intelligence

Monay is a companion who is always with you, who reminds you of your goal, makes you live with it and saves you unnecessary expenses, i.e. weaknesses, for your goal. Monay does this using Nobel Prize-winning scientific and behavior change methodology.

Fogg Behavior Model

Fogg Behavior Model

Nudge Network

Nudge Network

Dan Ariely, CCL & Duke University

Dan Ariely, CCL & Duke University

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Success Stories

Since Monay was founded, the number of those who 'Succeed with Monay' in their goal of money management and savings has been increasing day by day.

Derya Güneş

Thanks to Monay, I saw that I was spending a lot of unnecessary expenses. I owe my awareness to Monay. I’m hopeful for my future. We succeed together. Monay is affecting all areas of my life. I act rationally and I’m better at crisis management than before.

Derya Güneş Civil Servant
Sermin Toksöz

We are saving money, we have a goal and I will make it happen with your support to achieve this goal. I’m grateful for the day when my path crossed with Monay and Özlem Denizmen. In fact, we realized that we could not apply what we already knew. So glad that I have you, my friend Monay :)) Thank you, Monay team and Özlem Denizmen!

Sermin Toksöz Housemaker
Celalettin Deniz

I can say that participating in the Monay program has been a milestone for me. Both my motivation and my savings are increasing. Thank you!

Celalettin Deniz Retired Officer
Havva Çağlar Uğantaş

Thank goodness, we bought our house finally! I would like to thank Monay'a and Özlem Denizmen for writing to me tirelessly. Thank you so much for encouraging me, my husband and even my children to save.

Havva Çağlar Uğantaş Nurse
Meliha Yaman

I feel lucky as a Monay member. Monay helped me set goals. As I was writing on Monay, I noticed that my awareness had improved, thus I gained my financial freedom. Thanks Monay!

Meliha Yaman Student
Fatma Us

Before Monay, I was spending money, borrowing money on cards, and living on external installments. Monay made me gain a useful perspective.

Fatma Us Healthcare Worker
Aziz Yılmazer

I feel stronger when I achieve the goal I set. Monay supported my determination to achieve my goals and allowed me to be in control of my money for the rest of my life. Thanks Monay!

Aziz Yılmazer Machinist
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